February Favorites // 2015

February 27, 2015

February Beauty Favorites 2015 | Makeup | Skincare | Hair Care | Candle

Happy Friday!!

I hope you’ve had a great week! It snowed here on Wednesday night and left the most beautiful white blanket. I love having at least one good snow, then I’m ready for Spring. Today I’m showing you what I’ve been loving all February long, (can you believe February is almost over?) Keep reading to see them!


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Does Red Lipstick Cover Dark Under Eye Circles?

February 25, 2015

Does Red Lipstick Cover Dark Under Eye Circles? Find out here


Hey everyone!

Lately I’ve been seeing this going around on the internet and I wanted to see for myself if it really works or if it’s a total bust. So if you are interested in seeing if red lipstick can cover dark under eye circles than keep reading. Oh and I will forewarn you… you will see me with NO makeup on… you’ve been warned! :)


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Urban Decay VICE LTD Palette Review and Swatches

February 23, 2015

Urban Decay Vice LTD Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches

Hey friends!

I feel like it has been forever since I last talked to you! We had a crazy ice storm here in Georgia and I was without power for 37 hours, so no power= no blogging :( being without power is so boring! Anyways I’m back with a review and swatches of the Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette. So keep reading to see all about it.


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Product Review: GlamGlow Super Cleanse

February 13, 2015

GlamGlow Super Cleanse Face Wash. Made for Oily Skin. Is it Worth the splurge?

Hey friends!!

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Do you have any plans? If you are a single girl and you are feeling down because you aren’t in a relationship this V-day, please don’t be discouraged. You are beautiful, go out and have fun with your girlfriends! I’m single and I still really love V-day! But whatever your relationship status is, I hope you really have a great time! Now onto today’s post, on GlamGlow’s Super Cleanse Face Wash. Keep Reading!


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Get Ready With Me: Special Event

February 11, 2015

Get Ready With Me: Special Event Edition // Face Mask, Hair Mask, Bubble Bath, and more


Hey friends!

Today I am doing something a little bit different. You are coming with me as I get ready for a special event. Okay I’m not really going anywhere right now, but when I am going somewhere special or doing something special I love to pamper myself first and really just take that time so you can feel and look your best. So whether you are going on a hot date this weekend for Valentine’s Day,  going out for a girls night, or you have a job interview soon. Follow along and your skin, hair, and body will thank you for it.


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DIY Hair Treatment

February 9, 2015

DIY Hair Treatment to condition a dry scalp from dry winter weather.

Happy Monday Friends!!

Hope you had a great weekend! Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day this weekend? Have any fun plans? Make sure you check out my Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial. This weekend I wanted to do a hair treatment on my hair because I’ve been washing my hair a lot lately (I’ll get into that later), and it needed a little treatment but I didn’t want to buy one, so I made my own. It’s so easy so keep reading…


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Perfume Collection

February 5, 2015

Perfume Collection

Hey friends!

Hope you are having a great week! I really love perfume, when I was younger I would get one perfume for Christmas and I would use it for a full year, then get another one the next Christmas. Once I really started enjoying perfume I started collecting it throughout the year and my collection continues to grow all the time. So keep reading to see my full collection.


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January Favorites

February 3, 2015

January Beauty Favorites | Makeup & Skincare

Hey friends!

Well the first month of the year has come and gone. Have you gotten snow where you live? We haven’t gotten any but we’ve gotten super cold weather. If it’s going to be this cold it should at least snow…am I right?!? Today is my mom’s birthday so we are going to have a girls day! I have some beauty favorites that I loved all month long, so keep reading to see them!


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